Welcome to the MM Playground!

For those of you new to the world of Monster Mud props get ready for a new ADDICTION!

First off lets get the story behind Monster Mud...

It all started when we met the strange souls at The Haunted Chamber. There it was lurking in the dark, the first joint compound/paint and burlap prop we ever saw. It was then that the "creative beast" was unleashed that now terrorizes The Terror Syndicate.

When we first named the joint compound/paint mixture in '98 everybody was in awe of the whole concept. But "Monster Mud" has been used for many years by pro haunts and also widely used in the remodeling industry. It provides a great medium for sculpting cloth over prop forms and adds interesting texture to walls, ceilings, columns, posts and more. Nothing can be easier and give such great results for a low cost locally found material that you can mix yourself.


5 gallon bucket of Drywall Joint Compound
1 Gallon Can of Latex Paint (Exterior House Black or any color you choose)

Mix together the compound and paint at a ratio of 5:1 or what ever you feel is good! There is no right or wrong but 5:1 works best for us. We use a drywall compound mixing attachment and a drill to whip the two ingredients together. Hand mixing can be done if you have the strength and about 30 minutes...